Northern Chamber of Commerce is an independent organization set up to protect and represent the interests of the associated entrepreneurs. It established in 1997 in Szczecin, on the initiative of 60 companies. Since its inception, maintains regular contacts with more than 150 organizations with similar business profile, operating on the Polish territory and Europe. The dynamic development and the acquisition of new members of the Chamber of position lies in the heart the largest Chamber of Commerce in Poland. Currently it brings together nearly 1500 companies.
Systematically expanding the territorial scope of its activities. Northern Chamber of Commerce troops are already in five cities: Swinoujscie, Koszalin, Wałcz, Myśliborz and Choszcznie.

The purpose of the daily efforts of employees of the Northern Chamber of Commerce is to create conditions for the development and modernization of economic life, supporting initiatives of members and to promote the development of interregional and international economic relations.

What the Chamber is preparing to affiliated companies a wide range of free and subsidized training, consulting, tourism and business trips, regular events and social integration. It is also implementing a number of EU projects affecting the economic development of the whole region.

Northern Chamber of Commerce has a real impact on the business, not only in Western Pomerania, but throughout Poland. Its representatives often occur in the roles of experts to advise the authorities and institutions of business environment. They can also take matters into their own hands, citing industry committees and clusters of entrepreneurs fighting prejudicial regulations.