Final Conference-24th of November 2018 at Astir Hotel-Patras.

The Final Conference of the project was organized by the Federation of Enterprises and Industries of the Peloponnese and Western Greece – SEVPEDE. It was held in Patras- Peloponnese on the 24th of November 2018 at Hotel Astir.

The Conference The Apprenticeships in Enterprises, EAPPREN-Apprenticeships through the use of e-learningwas a very successful project event. A total number of 92 delegates, representatives of VET institutions, enterprises, public authorities, associations and other stakeholders, participated in the final conference.

The conference was opened by: a representative of the Entrepreneurship & Development By P.D.E., the Regional Director of Education of Western Greece, the Regional Director of OAED Peloponnese (Manpower Employment Organisation), the Vice Chairman of Chamber of Achaia and the Chairman of the p. e. b Peloponnese & Western Greece.


In addition to the project presentation by the coordinator of the project Action Synergy, SEVPDE and the Dobrich Chamber of Commerce presented the EAPPREN implementation in Greece and Bulgaria respectively. Moreover, the presentations of the keynote speakers included the following subjects:

-The apprenticeship class”, Apprenticeship Officer from PBA Achaias /Regional Directorate For Education in Western Greece

-“Apprenticeships – Challenges & Prospects”, Director of VET School in Kalamaki Athens-Manpower Employment Service, Responsible Staff Station Friesland Campina Hellas

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3rd Transnational Project Meeting-Granada, Spain

The 3rd EAPPREN partner meeting was held in Granada, Spain between the 16th and 17th of November 2017, with the participation of all the partners.


The 5th Transnational project meeting was held in Patras, Greece on 22-23/11/2018.

The project’s final meeting took place in Patras Peloponeese between November 22nd & 23rd 2018.  The topics of the meeting mainly were: the Training Courses for Intermediary Organisations & Training SMEs and Developemnt of Networks in partners countries, as weel as discussion on the sustainability and impact of the procet.



EAPPREN conference

The "Apprenticeships in Enterprises - EAPPREN – Apprenticeships through the use of e-learning" conference will be held on Saturday November 24th, 10:30, at Hotel ASTIR in Patras.

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