EU Projects

Get Involved in EP4A: European Partnerships for Apprenticeships: EU project aiming to promote apprenticeships by building partnerships between intermediary bodies, companies, VET providers, public authorities and social partners in the partner countries.

Fostering Apprenticeships sharing Ideas and Resources: EU project which aims to change mind-sets of SMEs towards apprenticeships, through the activation of contributions from a broad partnership bringing together companies and key stakeholders from the employment and education sectors.

Strengthening the capacities of the chambers and partners to help SMEs to engage in apprenticeship: Project aimed at strengthening the capacities of all project partners to provide support for SMEs already engaged or planning to engage in apprenticeship and establishing stronger ties among all project partners and VET stakeholders

Support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships: Regional Apprenticeship Alliances for SMEs: EU project which aims to build the capacity of intermediary bodies to develop and operate support structures which will facilitate SMEs, especially small and micro enterprise, to become apprentice employers.

AppHelp4SMEs – Apprenticeship Helpdesk for Small and Medium Size Enterprises: Project which aims to build the capacities of key intermediary bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, Employer Organizations and Business Agencies, for providing tailored support to SMEs for recruiting and placing quality apprentices at their organization.

Growing Apprenticeship Partnerships for SMEs: Project which focusses on 'building capacities of intermediary bodies' to support apprenticeships in SMEs, with partners in the United Kingdom, Austria and Spain.

ALPPRENTISSAGE: Project which aims to develop a website informing SME’s about apprenticeship in a practical way  with the development of some useful tools facilitating the recruitment of apprentices.

Getting SMEs on board: Project which aims to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment by increasing the supply and quality of apprenticeships and to support SMEs that struggle to find suitable candidates with the required competences due to lack of communication and linkages among VETs and SMEs.

Systematic approach to enhance the participation of construction industry SMEs in apprenticeship programs: Co.Tutor deals with the improvement of participation of construction SMEs in the training programmes that include practices in companies (Dual system training, Professional Certificates, etc.).

Services For Apprenticeships: European project which aims to better understand barriers faced by SMEs, to support businesses in identifying their potential to offer apprenticeships vacancies, to co-design, with SMEs, the services, tools and products that will help remove these barriers, to promote the value of apprenticeships in SMEs and their benefits through an “Apprenticeship Champions” campaign

Supporting Enterprises Towards APPrenticeship: Project aiming at embettering competences of partners and intermediary organisations, through sharing, exchanging practices, training, improving social visibility and knowledgeability of apprenticeship

Support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships: apprenticeship coaches for SMEs: The main objective of AC4SME is to involve a growing number of SMEs in apprenticeship. It is aiming to train apprenticeship coaches and form a new European Network of Apprenticeship Coaches.

Business in Europe Hosting Apprenticeships for Youth: EU Talent – Business in Europe Hosting Apprenticeships for Youth is a two year project helping SMEs to better engage in apprenticeships. The project provides direct support to SMEs in form of support structures.

Supporting Apprenticeships between Professional Higher Education & Small and Medium Enterprises: The project aims to develop Guides for SMEs on the way that their organisation could profit through the engagement in apprenticeships.

Integrated strategy Initiative for Strengthening the supply of APPrenticeships in TEXtile sector: The project, addresses the issue of apprenticeships delivery in the fashion sector dominated by Small, Medium and micro Enterprises (SME’s). The objective of TEXAPP is to foster and strengthen the supply of apprenticeships for SME’s and micro enterprises active in the sector


EU Policies

European Alliance for Apprenticeships: The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is a unique platform which brings together governments with other key stakeholders, like businesses, social partners, chambers, vocational education and training (VET) providers, regions, youth representatives or think tanks.

EuroApprenticeship: The European network to promote, implement and enhance learning mobility for apprentices

European Framework for Quality and Effective ApprenticeshipsCouncil Recommendation which aims at increasing the employability and personal development of apprentices and contributing towards a highly skilled and qualified workforce responsive to labour market needs.

High-performance apprenticeships & work-based learning: 20 guiding principlesThe European Commission has set out 20 guiding principles for stakeholders involved in work-based learning. These focus on four main themes: 1. Involving national governance and social partners; 2. Supporting companies; 3. Making apprenticeships attractive and improving career guidance 4. Quality Assurance.